Tracking Your FluidSurveys Members With User Logs

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The FluidSurveys development team is constantly striving to find new ways to improve upon the online survey experience and their hard work is paying off! Recently, we launched a great feature for White Label account users called user logs.  User logs are an amazing way for administrators of FluidSurveys accounts to track their account members’ activity.

Why are User Logs so Awesome?

Many online survey projects require multiple people to have access to the same survey account.  This is usually the case when you have more than one survey creator/editor, or are conducting multiple surveys that require several people to oversee data and gather responses.  These multi-member accounts are organized in FluidSurveys through the ‘Groups’ feature, which allows you to classify members into different categories based on the amount of access they need.  For example, administrators are given complete access to the account, whereas normal members are much more limited in the information they can view and edits they can make to surveys.

However, by allowing multiple users on the same account, many groups were running into problems keeping track of all the activity taking place.  This often resulted in confusion within the project.  Now, with the help of user logs, FluidSurveys administrators can view the activity records of each member in his/her account’s group.  This makes overseeing and managing a survey with multiple members a relative breeze!

Assessing and Reading User Logs

User logs are easy to access and navigate!  To open your user logs page, click on your user account name in the top right corner of your FluidSurveys account and select the ‘User Log’ button from the drop down box.  Do not forget that this option is for white label administrators only, which means the ‘User Log’ option will not appear for any non-administrator member.  If you are a white label administrator, your user account options should look like this:

User Log Account Settings

After selecting the ‘User Log’ button, a user log table will appear on your screen displaying the activity records of each member of your group.  Shown below is an example of a user log table that has recorded the account logins by its multiple members:

User Log -Table

As you can see, the table has six different columns of information to help account administrators track their group’s activity:

  1. Name: The account name of the group member whose activity was logged.
  2. Email: The email of the group member whose activity was logged
  3. Role: The classification of the group member.  Reveals the amount of access to the FluidSurveys account that a group member has.
  4. Login: The date and time that the group member logged into the FluidSurveys account.
  5. IP Address: Identifies which computer or device the group member logged in from.
  6. Duration: The length of time the member spent logged into the FluidSurveys account.  If the ‘Duration’ value reads ‘Active,’ it means that the user has not logged out.

With this data, an administrator can track each member’s login times and the computer devices through which they are entering the FluidSurveys account!

Let Us Know Why You Use User Logs!

FluidSurveys would love to hear back from you, and learn how you make use of our features.  We invite you to comment below on how User Logs have helped you with an online project!

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