Understanding Your Respondents with the Group/Rank Question Type

Businesses both large and small are in a constant struggle to stay attuned to the perceptions of their clients. Understanding how your customers think, and where your company fits in their lives is essential for almost every level of business strategy. Your customer’s perception of you carries significant weight on your branding, marketing strategy, and even pricing.

Here at FluidSurveys, we understand that you need more effective ways to have a firm grip on your respondents’ thoughts. That is why FluidSurveys 5.1 introduced a new question type called Group/Rank.

How it Works!

The Group/Rank question type allows respondents to sort a list of items into categories created by the user. Within each of those categories is a ranking from first to last. Here’s a short video tutorial of the question type in action:

For a step-by-step written explanation of this question type, visit our documentation by clicking here.

How You Can Use the Group/Rank Question

The ability to let respondents sort and classify items with such ease provides organizations with several unique opportunities. Below is a list of three examples where the Group/Rank question would be a perfect fit:

1) Defining Your Product’s Competitive Landscape: It is essential to have a firm grasp of how your product and its competitors are perceived by people. With this understanding you can identify your product’s current image and either use it to your advantage or formulate a strategy to redefine how the product is viewed. Let’s say we own a restaurant chain and want to see where our restaurants stand in comparison to our competition. Our list would include a wide range of sit down restaurants, including our own, and we would ask respondents to sort them into ranked lists under descriptive categories like family, fine-dining, bistro, and exotic. This would help define both our company image and the other restaurants we are grouped in with. Our ranking within our category will show us how we compare in quality to the restaurants we are competing against. Based on this knowledge we can do much more targeted research on why some restaurants in our category ranked higher than ours.

2) Marketing Features and Services: It is normal, especially in business-to-business companies, to have a client base that varies greatly in both its needs and usage of features and services that are being offered. Because of this, it can be difficult to know the best way to market your features and services to promote the most sales and customer satisfaction. By using the Group/Rank question, you can list your products features or services and ask your clients to divide them into the categories based on where they think each fits best. For example, if FluidSurveys wanted to understand how best to market each question type, I could ask our clients to place each question type into the category they would most likely use it for. My categories would then be divided into headings like customer feedback, competitive analysis, real-time observation, professional forms, quizzes, etc. If my results showed that people use the timer question almost exclusively for real-time observation, I could then write content giving relevant tips on this subject. Taking it one step further, I could conduct a targeted advertising campaign using the timer question as a seller to companies interested in real-time observational studies.

3) Scheduling and Registration Forms: Beyond market research, this question type is perfect for different types of registration or scheduling forms. For example, if you were running a week long retreat that allowed its attendees to register to daily events, you could easily use the Group/Rank question as a sign up form. Simply make your item list the daily events and each category representing a different day of the week. Now you can have your registrants place their selected events into the visiting day of their choice.

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