Using Redirection in Your Surveys

Survey redirection allows you to send your respondents to a webpage of your choice at any point during their questionnaire completion process. It is an excellent option for people creating surveys with panel management companies. Beyond this, you can return respondents to your homepage, an informational webpage or a registration form after they have completed the survey. How do you enable this option? First click the settings button of your survey.

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Then click on redirection.

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Redirection Settings

When you reach the redirection page you have redirection settings available. The first being to click on “GET Variable Passthrough”. This option is used when you wish to receive the information of where the user came from to get to the survey. Second being the “Exit link confirmations” button that, if selected, asks the respondent to confirm that they wish to leave the survey when clicking an external link.

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Redirection URLs

Now that we understand the redirection settings, let’s go over the three types of redirection URLs:

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Response Complete: This is used when you want your respondents to complete your survey and then go to another website. For example, your respondent accessed your survey via the homepage on your website or through an e-mail invite and you would like them to see your blog at the end. You would input the blog web address here and then once they have submitted their results for your survey they would end up on your blog.

Response Terminated: This redirect is used when you want to redirect only the individuals who are terminated from your survey to a specific webpage. Click here to learn how to terminate respondents from your survey.

Quota Filled: Redirect only individuals who were screened by your quota parameters to a specific webpage. For example, maybe you have created a quota of 5000 people and someone attempts to take your survey at 5001. This respondent would be redirected to your quota filled page and subsequently to the website you have inputted in the ‘Quota Filled’ redirection field. Click here to learn how to set up a survey quota.

Tip: Don’t forget to put ‘http://’ in front of your redirection URL to ensure the link works properly!

Implement Redirection into Your Survey Today!

Redirection is an extremely useful tool to guide your respondents to where they need to be, whether that be a webpage with important information, promotion or registration forms, incentive codes or print outs, or even back to your homepage. So go ahead and integrate this feature into your survey! Want a step-by-step walk through? Click here to watch the redirection tutorial video!

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  • Ted says:

    Hi, Is there a way to display a “Survey Complete” message before the respondent is redirected?

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hi Ted,
      Unfortunately, right now the survey complete page will be skipped if you use the redirect upon completion. Here are two work arounds if this is important:

      1) Build your own completion page, as the last page of your survey with a section header that gives your survey completion text.

      2) Turn off redirection and provide a link within the survey complete message you would like them to go.

      Hope this helps!