Check Out Video Footage of The 2014 FluidSurveys User Conference!

Hello FluidSurvey Users! It has been a few weeks since FluidSurveys put on its first ever user conference, and we thought it would be great to share some of the video footage with you. Here are three presentations we recorded from the event:

1) FluidSurveys co-CEO, Aydin Mirzaee, takes a quick look at what FluidSurveys 5 has to offer its users:

2) Co-Founder of Staff.com and Time Doctor, Liam Martin, shows us how he used FluidSurveys and data analysis to supercharge his companies’ growing success:

3) Abacus Data CEO, Dr. David Colleto, discusses the challenges of online surveying in today’s research world:

4) Charity Water explains their unique use of FluidSurveys and how it is helping their mission to bring clean and healthy drinking water to every person on the planet:

Get the whole scoop on the 2014 User Conference

The 2014 FluidSurveys User Conference was a jammed packed event, with an amazing line up of speakers and incredible survey workshops. If you would like the whole story of the event, check out our User Conference blog by clicking here!

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