Webinar: Get an Inside Look at the New Reporting Features Introduced by FluidSurveys 5.1

With the release of FluidSurveys 5.1, our reporting section received some incredible improvements and innovative new capabilities. Last week, we highlighted a lot of these new and improved reporting features with the blogs “5 New Things You Can Do with Your Reports” and “Create Multi-Survey Reports with the New Reporting Dashboard.” We also had a great webinar where we had our product specialists showcase all the great new things FluidSurveys Reporting has to offer. Miss it? No worries we embedded a recording of the webinar below.

This webinar took place on November 19, 2014. Watch it to learn how to:
-Clearly visualize multi-question data;
-Uncover insights across multiple surveys;
-Protect and schedule reports;
-Effortlessly analyze data in cross-tab reports; and
-Format reports in second to your exact needs.

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  • This is a another great step in the right direction… but I still would REALLY love to have the ability to combine data from all my surveys into one question.

    It seems like this would be a very simple thing to do for us. Instead of having to select a specific survey to choose a question from, there would be the ability to select multiple surveys that the data would then be combined into one question/graph/etc.

    I will literally squeal with joy the day you guys build this for us!

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hi Jeff,
      We would love to hear that! Are you suggesting a graph that would compare the different surveys’ results against each other? So say I had conducted one survey in Canada and one in the States, both with the same questions. What you would want is the ability to place both results in a chart together to compare (Bar Chart, Line Graph). Currently you can do this by using collectors, which makes sense if all your surveys are the same but have different sample groups.
      However, if the surveys’ question lists differ in areas but do have some of the same questions, collectors would no longer be an option. Making the ability to combine data from different surveys incredibly useful. I will bring this up to our development team and see if we can’t make something happen.
      Thanks for the suggestion Jeff!

      • Yeah, I have like 6 or so identical surveys for different geographical regions… and while it’s great to be able to compare regions against each other, it would be super helpful to be able to compile ALL those into 1 dashboard/report.

        I’ll watch for the announcement for this feature. 🙂