We’ve Improved our User Interface!

In an effort to tidy up our user interface, we have made some improvements that you’re going to love!

After you select one of your surveys for editing, you will notice that the top of your screen looks different. There’s a new toolbar at the top that changes dynamically as you scroll through your survey, and some options are now tucked away neatly behind drop-down menus. It looks super slick, and we’re really excited to show it off.

So without further delay, let’s take a closer look at these improvements:

Tool Bar

You will see a new tool bar at the top of your screen in the survey editor. It gives you quick access to a number of useful features.

The two buttons on the left allow you to toggle between your Surveys and Polls with a single mouse click. There’s also a Help button that opens a new browser tab and directs you to our website’s terrific help section. The last button will be labeled after your current user’s login name (in this case it’s ‘sean‘). Once you click it, a drop-down menu will appear:

In this menu you can quickly access some important options for your FluidSurveys account. Just be sure to save your survey before you proceed to try these out!

If you click on Account Settings you will be brought to a page where you can edit your FluidSurveys password, default email address, etc.

If you click on Referrals you will be directed to a page that shows your referral statistics and provides you with special URLs to share with your friends, colleagues and family members. Be sure to visit that section and learn more about how you can make money by promoting a tool you use and love!

Manage Users may not appear in your drop down menu depending on your subscription level.

Extreme Makeover: Control Button Edition

Feast your eyes on the new control buttons:

As you might have already guessed, clicking on Edit will bring you to the survey editor. But clicking on Style will bring you to our newly-renovated Theme and Style Editor which we will be discussing further in the very near future! Preview will show you a preview of your survey, as you would expect, and the last two buttons, Publish and Analyze will toggle new drop-down menus where you will find the rest of the options you are used to.

Now, since these control buttons are “static”, that is, they remain fixed to the top of your survey editor, we had to come up with a high-tech way to give you access to their features even if you were scrolled to the bottom of your browser window.

Our initial attempts at researching a solution to this challenge were… less than fruitful:

So finally we decided to simply make the top tool bar dynamic!

The Tool Bar Changes!

Once you scroll down from the top of your screen, the tool bar automatically changes to show you different options.

It changes from this…

to this…

…and it will hover at the top of your browser window to give you easy access to these buttons with no need to scroll back up tot he top. Impressive!

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