The White Label Advantage

The White Label Advantage
Hello survey enthusiasts! Today we want to highlight the great features in the FluidSurveys’ white label account plan. A white label account is the ultimate plan FluidSurveys has to offer. With it, companies receive all the benefits of the basic enterprise plan in addition to added features that address problems not considered by other online survey tools. In this blog, we will be going over the main reasons to choose the white label plan over enterprise.

1) Complete Branding Control

Complete branding control is arguably the most important feature that comes with a white label enterprise account. It allows businesses to create white label surveys that are completely customized to incorporate their own brands as well as eliminate FluidSurveys’ branding. Beyond having your own domain name, the white label plan allows you to take on your company’s brand in the following ways:

Branded Web Links
Custom Branded Instances
Custom Branded Survey Theme
Personalized Survey URL

With a white label plan, no one will ever question the source credibility of your surveys. In fact, owning a white label account is like building your own mini-website for your business or organization’s surveys, allowing you to take on the your own branding however you choose. Without this branding, many respondents may become suspicious as to where their provided information is going, which can result in a lower response rate and less in depth answers.

NOTE: The white label plan is completely Common Look and Feel (CLF) 2.0 and Accessibility (W3C) compliant. This ultimate account type will provide you with all the tools to meet all federal government standards for survey branding.

2) Security Features

FluidSurveys’s white label plan also provides security features unlike any other online survey tool. For example, SAML is a unique feature, useful for any company that requires a FluidSurveys account that multiple people need access too. With SAML, FluidSurveys must authorize the identity of the user by communicating with your organization’s identity servers before allowing users to access their surveys and responses. This effectively protects your survey’s integrity and the secrecy of data it has collected from any intruders.

Moreover, white label accounts have custom security settings that give flexibility to the user. For example, account holders can make their surveys and responses IP address restricted. Meaning, only users signing in from a particular IP address will be granted access to the account, turning away any external hackers or unauthorized personnel. Another interesting custom security setting found only on the FluidSurveys’ white label plan is the ability to enforce password length and complexity. With this feature, account administrators can ensure that every account user is following the same security measures.

3) Role Management

It is also important to note that the white label plan allows for easy role management. To clarify, administrators are users that have complete access and control over the account. These select few will have the authority to change other users’ level of access over the account.

For example, if one account had several surveys operating at the same time, you could want each survey to have its own individual user but also restrict the access of all other users except administrators. Consider a school with multiple classes and teachers. Each teacher would be granted access to only their own class’s survey, while the principal (administrator) would have access to class surveys and data collected.

Because being an administrator in a multiple survey and user account would be complex and difficult to manage, the metrics dashboard was created. It provides administrators a way to keep track of all user logs, surveys, and responses, by showing the account data in an organized and easy to navigate view place. With the metrics dashboard white label accounts have the advantage of fluid role management and control over what is shared across users. It also allows administrators to look at the data collected by all surveys as a whole or filtered however they choose.

Any Questions?

Remember the white label plan is the ultimate account type available on FluidSurveys! It provides users with all the benefits of an enterprise plan in addition to extremely useful features unique to the online survey industry! While informative, this blog only scratches the surface of what a white label account in FluidSurveys is capable of. If you have any questions, go ahead and contact our sales team at: or call us at: 1-866-218-5127. If you are interested in creating your own account right away, check out our pricing page. Until next time, happy surveying!

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