Collecting Data

There are several forms of data collection, each with their own form of strengths and weaknesses. The differences between each method could range from a matter of cost to whether a study is deemed probability or non-probability research. With the continuously evolving nature of online survey research, there are always new strategies to collect data. Staying in the loop with online surveying techniques will ensure you get the most out of your research.

Calculating the Right Survey Sample Size

A survey's sample size is the leading factor on how accurate your projects results will be. However, calculating a proper sample size can be difficult without knowing the basics about confidence levels and margins of error. Learn how sample sizes are determined and how a survey's number of responses will effect your data's reliability.

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Get More Out of Your Feedback! Turn Positive Survey Responses into Third Party Company Recommendations

Online review sites have become more and more popular and relied on for advice on consumer's daily decisions. This fact has made it a top priority for businesses to get their positive reviews out there on third party web sites. Read this article to learn how to convert your customer feedback survey's most enthusiastic respondents into online recommendations for your company.