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All in one business intelligence.

Easily build, distribute & analyze surveys, forms, polls & questionnaires. FluidSurveys is the perfect solution for market research, evaluations, tracking, customer feedback & more.

  • We're here to help you make smarter decisions.

    Generate actionable intelligence through the collection & analysis of information & feedback. Designed with flexibility & clarity in mind, FluidSurveys can be customized to meet any project's needs.

  • Collect data at every
    touch point.

    Collect data online, offline and via mobile. FluidSurveys provides all the tools you'll need to collect feedback via web links, emails, pop-up surveys, kiosks, tablets, QR codes and more.

  • White label with complete branding control.

    Seamlessly integrate surveys, forms & polls into your organizational identity. A white label solution, FluidSurveys can be easily to incorporated into an existing brand.

  • Generate real time
    high value insights.

    Generate actionable intelligence in real time with powerful analytics. Customized reports, drill down filters, text analytics, data exports, benchmarking, report sharing and more, all at your fingertips.

  • Multi-user accounts built for collaboration.

    A single, scalable solution, FluidSurvey accounts support multiple users allowing individuals to easily work together on projects, delegate tasks & responsibilities and share resources.

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    Their software is very intuitive and allows the design of innovative and flexible surveys.

    Thomas Rancour, President, Rancour & Associates, LLC