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* Prices shown in USDCAD
$99/mo *Billed annually ($1188/yr)
$119/mo *Billed annually ($1428/yr)
$199/mo *Billed annually ($2388/yr)
$239/mo *Billed annually ($2868/yr)
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The Basics
# Questions Per Survey Unlimited Unlimited
Emails Per Month 5000 100,000
Offline Tablet Surveys Yes
Expert Survey Templates Yes Yes
Survey Logic Yes Yes
Create Your Own Survey Templates Yes Yes
Multipage Online Surveys Yes Yes
Multi Lingual Surveys Yes Yes
Unlimited Surveys, Polls & Forms Yes Yes
Transfer Surveys to Another Account Yes Yes
Multimedia Surveys Yes Yes
Beautiful Mobile Themes Yes Yes
Real Time Results Yes Yes
Survey Labelling & Categorization Yes Yes
Auto Recovery Yes Yes
Upgrade At Any Time Yes Yes
Survey Design
Table of Contents New! Yes
Survey Footer New! Yes
Mass Translations Yes
Survey Versioning Yes Yes
Randomize Pages Yes Yes
Move Questions Between Surveys Yes Yes
Copy & Paste Questions Yes Yes
Move Questions Page to Page Yes Yes
Randomize Questions Yes Yes
Survey Diagnostic Check New! Yes Yes
Generate Test Responses New! Yes Yes
Question Morphing Yes Yes
Find & Replace Yes Yes
Live Preview Yes Yes
Drag & Drop Interface Yes Yes
Validate/Require Survey Responses Yes Yes
Survey Logic Features
Expression Piping Yes Yes
Multi-Conditional Branching Yes Yes
Randomly Traverse Pages Yes Yes
Piping Yes Yes
Looping Yes Yes
Show/Hide Questions Yes Yes
Show/Hide Question Choices Yes Yes
Hide a Page Yes Yes
Dynamically Hide and Show Rows Yes Yes
Disable Questions Yes Yes
Require Questions When… Yes Yes
Email Triggers Yes Yes
Question Based Quotas Yes Yes
Skip to a Random Page Yes Yes
Randomize Answer Choices New! Yes Yes
Randomize Blocks New! Yes Yes
Skip to a Question Yes Yes
Skip to a Page Yes Yes
Extraction Yes Yes
Unconditional Skip Logic Yes Yes
Re-Direct Browser Yes Yes
Scoring Yes Yes
Tally Scores Yes Yes
Invalidate Responses Yes Yes
Jumping Yes Yes
Randomize Variables Yes Yes
Custom Scripting Yes Yes
Sum Values Yes Yes
Question Types
Signature Question Yes
Datasource Question Yes
Hidden Field Yes
File Upload Yes
Timer Question Yes
Semantic Differential Yes
Payment Question Yes
Image Heat Map Question New! Yes
Image Hot Spot Question New! Yes
Max Differential Scale Question New! Yes
Group/Rank Question New! Yes
Web Service Question New! Yes
Natrix Questions – Multi-Type Question Yes Yes
Single Answer Combo Box Question Yes Yes
JavaScript Question Yes Yes
Drill Down Yes Yes
Ranking Questions Yes Yes
Side-by-Side-Matrix and Multi-Dimensional Matrix for Gap Analysis Yes Yes
Net Promoter Yes Yes
Checkbox Grid Yes Yes
Score Tally/Display Yes Yes
Picture Question Yes Yes
Date/Time Question Yes Yes
Dropdown Grid Yes Yes
Constant Sum Yes Yes
Multiple Choice Grid Yes Yes
Text Response Grid Yes Yes
Yes/No Yes Yes
Check Box (Multiple Answer Questions) Yes Yes
Dropdown Questions Yes Yes
Star Rating Yes Yes
Slider Question Yes Yes
Short Text Response Yes Yes
Essay Text Response Yes Yes
Image Choice Yes Yes
Text/Section Heading Yes Yes
Multiple Choice Yes Yes
Polls Yes Yes
Question Options
Timer Option New! Yes
Unique Questions Yes
Create & Save Bulk Import Lists Yes
Checkbox Validation (x/y choices) Yes Yes
Randomize Questions Yes Yes
Add Choices in Bulk Yes Yes
Bulk Presets Yes Yes
Skip Validation Errors Yes Yes
Initial Value Yes Yes
Randomize Question Choices & Variables Yes Yes
Alphabetize Choices Yes Yes
Validate Responses Yes Yes
Format & Style Text Yes Yes
Insert Images & Videos Yes Yes
Customize Layout Yes Yes
Add “Other” Text Box Yes Yes
Morph Questions Yes Yes
Add Question Identifiers Yes Yes
Make Questions Optional/Required Yes Yes
Publishing Options
Responder Portal Yes
Protection against automated responses (CAPTCHA) Yes
Secure your survey with SSL Yes
Change Metadata for Each Survey Yes
Compatible with External Online Panels (panel management companies) Yes
Custom Variables in Publish URL Yes
Survey Quota Management Yes Yes
Custom Termination Page Yes Yes
Deadline Management – Survey Start and End Dates Yes Yes
Pop Up Surveys Yes Yes
Save and Continue Later (without cookies) Yes Yes
Start Survey in any Language Yes Yes
Customizable Redirect URL (exit page) Yes Yes
Password Protect Your Surveys Yes Yes
Custom Short URLs for Your Surveys Yes Yes
Restrict Access to Email Invites Yes Yes
Triggers Yes Yes
Allow Users to Print Responses Yes Yes
Toggle Survey Between Live & Not Live Yes Yes
Survey Restrictions: Session, IP, Cookie, etc… Yes Yes
Anonymous Surveys Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Customize End Pages (Thank You, Termination, etc) Yes Yes
Customize Button Text Yes Yes
Customize Error Messages Yes Yes
Email Invitations
Emails Per Month 5,000 100,000
Send Out Secure Email Invite Links Yes
Unsubscribe Contacts New! Yes Yes
Personalized Email Messages Yes Yes
Format Email Messages Yes Yes
Insert Images and HTML (HTML Friendly) Yes Yes
Send Out Test Emails Yes Yes
Send Out Reminder Emails Yes Yes
Add Contacts Individually Yes Yes
Import Entire Contact Lists Yes Yes
Save Contact Lists Yes Yes
View Status of Emails Sent (Real Time) Yes Yes
View Status of Invitees Yes Yes
Make Survey Invite Only Yes Yes
View Bounced Emails Yes Yes
Schedule Messages to Send at a Later Date Yes Yes
Customize “From/Reply-To” Email Address and “From” Name Yes Yes
Merge Addressbook Fields into Email Invite Yes Yes
View Tabular Results in Realtime Yes Yes
View Graphical Results in Realtime Yes Yes
View Summary Statistics Yes Yes
View Respondent Location Map Yes Yes
View Tabular Results in Realtime
Import Responses Yes Yes
View Individual Responses Yes Yes
Delete Individual Responses Yes Yes
Delete Responses in Bulk Yes Yes
Edit Responses Yes Yes
Add Responses Yes Yes
Create Reports
Dataset comparison benchmarking Yes
Multi-survey Reports New! Yes
Multi-dimensional Pie Charts New! Yes
Scheduled Email Reports Yes
Time Series Charts Yes
Bucketing Yes Yes
Crosstabs Report Yes Yes
Cross-Tabulations Yes Yes
Net Promoter Score Yes Yes
Word Cloud Yes Yes
Text Analysis Yes Yes
Branding and Customizing Reports Yes Yes
Generate Charts & Graphs Yes Yes
Generate Summary Tables Yes Yes
Pie Charts Yes Yes
Column Charts Yes Yes
Bar Charts Yes Yes
Line Graphs Yes Yes
Appendices Yes Yes
Group Open Ended Responses by Keyword Yes Yes
Save Custom Reports Yes Yes
Aggregate (Summary) Statistics Yes Yes
Data Filtering
Filter by Collector Yes Yes
Filter by Invite Email Yes Yes
Filter by Complete Status Yes Yes
Construct Custom Multi-Conditional Filters Yes Yes
Save Custom Filters Yes Yes
Data Export
Coding and Exporting to SPSS Yes
Export Responses to XML New! Yes Yes
Export Data to MS Excel Yes Yes
Tab Delimited CSV Yes Yes
Export Reports to MS Word Yes Yes
Export Reports to MS Powerpoint Yes Yes
Export Reports to MS Excel Yes Yes
Export Reports to PDF Yes Yes
Export Survey to MS Word Yes Yes
Export Survey to PDF Yes Yes
Export Invite List to CSV Yes Yes
Share Results
Multi User Collaborative Environment (Each user must have a separate Enterprise License) Yes
Email Data Export Yes Yes
Complete Branding Control
Access to your CSS Stylesheet Yes Yes
Fully Customizable CSS Templates Yes Yes
Media Library Yes Yes
Redirect Respondents to your Website Yes Yes
WCAG 2.0 Level AAA Compliance Yes Yes
Easy to Use Survey Themer Yes Yes
Upload Logos Yes Yes
Modify Background Colors/Upload Images Yes Yes
Customizable Colors Yes Yes
Customizable Fonts & Styles Yes Yes
Pre-Made Themes Yes Yes
Editable Survey End Pages & Error Messages Yes Yes
Editable Button Text Yes Yes
Enterprise Features
Dataset comparison benchmarking Yes
Customize Google Analytics Tracking Yes
Allow user to see results based on a report Yes
Allow users to download/print responses upon completion of the survey Yes
Exit link confirmations Yes
File Upload Storage to FTP, Dropbox, etc. Yes
Authenticate Respondents using Facebook/ Twitter/ oAuth New! Yes
Allocate Resources by Department New! Yes
Scheduled Email Reports Yes
Share Report URL Yes
External Authentication (OAUTH) Yes
External Link Confirmation Yes
Salesforce Available as Addon
Statwing Integration Yes Yes
Freshbooks Yes Yes
Zendesk Yes Yes
Zapier Yes Yes
Bitly Yes Yes
Box Yes Yes
MailChimp Yes Yes
Dropbox Yes Yes
Cint Integration Yes Yes
Monitor/Support Respondents with Olark Chat Yes Yes
Facebook Tab Yes Yes
Post Request/ Webhooks Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes
Deletion of Poll Responses Yes Yes
Embed Polls on Your Website and Blog Yes Yes
Animated Graphical Display of Poll Results Yes Yes
Formatting of Poll Results Yes Yes
Customizable Poll Designs Yes Yes
Number of Responses per Poll Yes Yes
Restrictions by IP, Session, Cookie, and more Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Poll Interface Yes Yes
Multiple Choice Polls Yes Yes
Support & Account Management
Download Survey Backups New! Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes
Mastercard, Visa or Paypal Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Online Knowledgebase: Tutorial Videos & Documentation Yes Yes
Collect Data
Enhanced Security (SSL) Yes
iPhone & Android Mobile App Yes
Secure Web Links (https://) Yes
Gather Responses Offline (Mobile Tablet Surveys) Yes
Create Multiple Collectors Yes Yes
Pop Up Surveys Yes Yes
Custom Short Web Links Yes Yes
Send Out Personalized Email Invitations Yes Yes
Embed in Your Own Website or Blog Yes Yes
Custom Survey Panel (Cint) Yes Yes
Send Out Web Links Yes Yes
Generate Scannable QR Codes (Mobile Phones) Yes Yes
Tradeshow/Kiosk Mode Yes Yes
Facebook Tab Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes