Visualize Data with Multi-dimensional Pie Charts

The new multi-dimensional display makes understanding and presenting cross-tab data as clear as day. For example, when looking at customer information, you can identify the most valuable markets by simultaneously visualizing industry and total dollars worth of items your customers have purchased.

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Uncover Deeper Insights with Multi-survey Reporting

Find insight and trends by comparing questions from different surveys in one comprehensive report. This new feature is the first step in creating your powerful cross-survey dashboard.

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Protect & Schedule Shared Reports

Getting your data to the right person at the right time is crucial in making an impact with your results. Password protected reports ensure only the right people are being informed. And, with more refined report scheduling, you can automatically share reports at specific times, like an hour before your weekly meeting.

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Format Reports in One Click with Global Report Settings

Perfect for power users, this new feature quickly enables a global setting, like showing percentages and medians, to all questions in a report. Save the time and effort of manual formatting, while ensuring a consistent, professional report layout.

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Group Answer Choices in Cross-Tabs

Bucket similar answer choices together in your cross-tab charts to make analyzing data, and drawing conclusions, a breeze.

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Watch the New Reporting Features Webinar

See the new reporting features up close and personal in this informative webinar. Learn how you can get more insight out of your data.

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