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FluidSurveys has an abundance of free online survey features. Our features are unique and easy to use and very helpful. When making a free online survey you want the accessibility of as many features as possible. This is why we have created a drag and drop interface as well as allowing for branching and skipping pages within your survey for better flow. With our free online surveys you are able to create as many surveys as you want on as many topics as you wish.

Free online survey features generally seem to be limited by most survey software websites. However, FluidSurveys has developed a system whereby you can use the majority features possible to allow your survey to be the best it could be. In a case where a small firm and is just starting out it is greatly beneficial to receive customer feedback. As such, FluidSurveys has created our free surveys to be easily accessible and functional for those on a tight budget. When your enterprise grows and you need a greater package of survey software, FluidSurveys will be there to support you in getting the information you need from your customers.

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