How to create an online survey

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How to create an online survey

Creating an online survey with FluidSurveys is fun and easy. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to choose your question types and drop them in the survey editor. You can change your question order to create flow and add and delete pages/questions using our on-the-page addition and subtraction buttons.  For example, you can combine question types within our N-atrix question (such as multiple choice, drop down and text response at the same time). Or you can simply use a check response question. These questions can be combined and used on as many pages as needed. We also provide bulk answers for common question responses that can be input into any question type.

Once you have decided on your question types and put them into your survey questions, you can test your survey by clicking on the “view” button. Clicking this button will show you exactly how your survey will be seen by your respondents. If you choose to use testers outside of your colleagues, choose the testers from the target audience, your results as well as the time it takes them to complete the survey will be more accurate. You can then publish the survey and send it out using our invite tool or by sending out the URL via your own email.

Try a sample survey:

Watch a video tutorial on how to create an online survey:

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