CommunityWise Assets and Needs Mapping

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Welcome to CommunityWise Resource Centre's assets/needs mapping survey! Thank you for taking the time to help with this project. We are building a database with CommunityWIse members to better understand the types of resources our community has access to, as well as the types of resources we might be lacking. This database will be of use to everyone at CommunityWise when it comes to learning more about the many ways we can work together and share our collective knowledge/resources. The information collected will only be used for these stated purposes.

Take your time going through the survey, remember that many things we do day-to-day might seem trivial to us, but can be of great benefit to others. As well, the individual problems we deal with day-to-day are often not as individual as we may think.

You may save your progress at any time throughout the survey by clicking the "Save and continue later" button at the bottom of each page. A link to continue from where you left off will be emailed to you.