Getting Started

Congratulations on taking your first steps to joining our team as a Surrogate. This registration form is what we will show Intended Parents so that they can learn more about you. You can use the Table of Contents at the top of each page to help you quickly navigate around and you can save your answers and return later. If you have any questions along the way you can email and she will help you get started. You can also learn more about the process by joining us at

Basic Surrogate Qualifications - Please Read Carefully Before Starting Your Profile With Us

The Basic Surrogate Requirements for the Gestational Surrogacy Program are:
1) Have the desire to help create a family.
2) Be between the ages of 20 - 43.
3) Have at least 1 previous healthy delivery and have legal custody of the child.
4) Have no more than 3 C-Sections at the start of your Surrogacy Journey..
5) Have no more than 5 Births at the start of your Surrogacy Journey.
6) BMI of 34 or below.
7) Have a stable home.
8) Have a regular source of income.
9) Must be non-Smoker and Drug free
10) We would not be using your DNA.
11) Your Tubes Can Be Tied
12) Live in the USA

If you meet these requirements, there is a base compensation available of $25,000 - $50,000. Plus, all pregnancy related expenses that will be covered including all needed travel and Childcare expenses.

If you live in NEW YORK, MICHIGAN, and LOUISIANA these States DO NOT ALLOW for Surrogates to be compensated. We can work wiht you ONLY IF YOU are willing to be a non-compensated Surrogate and recieve expenses only.

We do accept Surrogates that will not have abortions under any circumstances. This is your legal right as a Surrogate and we will never try to cahnge your mind on this very personal decision. However, please be aware that at least 95% of our Intended Parents will want to make the health decisions for their children just like any other parent is legaly allowed to make and the vast majority of Surrogates will be answering that this is the parents child and that the parents should be making this painful decision if it's ever needed to be made.

Surrogates that will not terminate for any reason can still get matched. However, you should expect it to take an average of 180 days or more to happen. 

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About You
How many times have you given birth?
How many miscarriages have you had?
Have you been a Surrogate before?
How many C-sections have you had?
What is the best time for a Surrogate Coordinator to call you and answer your questions about Surrogacy?
For a transfer, I am open to travel
Do you drive?
Do you own a car?
Please upload 1-4 High Resolution Pictures of you and/or your family.
Please upload 1-4 High Resolution Pictures of you and/or your family.
Please upload 1-4 High Resolution Pictures of you and/or your family.
Please upload 1-4 High Resolution Pictures of you and/or your family.