HIMSS17 Health IT Industry Outlook Survey

Complete this survey for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Responses will remain anonymous.

The survey is designed not only to understand where organizations are struggling when it comes to staffing their IT implementations and ongoing projects, but also to better grasp organizations’ preparation and staffing needs for MACRA. Findings from the survey will be leveraged within industry analysis and thought leadership articles.

1. What has been the biggest barrier to fully staffing your organization?

2. What level of difficulty do you face in finding qualified IT staffing and support?

3. In which area do you plan to outsource/hire additional IT support in 2017? If planning to outsource/hire in more than one area, select the area you plan to outsource/hire the most resources.

4. In your opinion, which department should lead MACRA preparation efforts?

5. Which area do you think will be most challenging as your organization manages and executes MACRA initiatives in 2017?

6. How prepared is your staff for managing and executing MACRA initiatives?

7. Which department best aligns with your role?

8. At what type of healthcare organization are you employed?

To participate in the gift card drawing, please provide your email address so we may contact you if you win. Survey responses will remain anonymous.