Request for Heraldic Assistance

Please complete this form to request help with registering a name and / or armory or to request help with researching a name or device.  Once you have completed and submitted the form, your information will be send to the East Kingdom College of Heralds and a herald will be assigned to handle your inquiry.  If you do not hear from someone within three (3) weeks of your request, please contact the Eastern Crown Herald directly at eastern.crown@eastkingdom.org

An SCA personal name is the unique name by which you are known in the Society.

A household name is the name for a group of affiliated people in the Society.

Armory is the general term for unique stylized artwork used to identify you or your affiliates in the Society.  A device is the primary artwork used to identify you.  A badge is a secondary image used to identify you, your belongings and your affiliates.

If you are interested in registering a name or armory for a local SCA group, please contact the Eastern Crown Herald directly for assistance at eastern.crown@eastkingdom.org

  • I am requesting help with research

If you have an image of the what you are requesting, please upload the file here.