Kellogg International Scholars Program Reapplication

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Summer Work
Study Abroad
New Adviser
Meeting Required


To reaffirm your interest in the Kellogg International Scholars Program and your commitment to the mission of the program, please complete the following reapplication. The purpose of the reapplication is to help you examine your current trajectory with regard to international studies. Your responses on this application will be closely evaluated to consider whether your continued participation in the program is advantageous so please reflect and provide full answers.  Please note that your readmission to the program is not automatic and will be determined based on your participation and performance in the program this year as well as your responses to the questions below.

Scholar Information

Will you be working with this adviser next fall?

Have you talked with your adviser about the research you will be doing next fall?

(Specify weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to what appropriately reflects your work load.)

Most recent relevant project:

(Please share the title and a short paragraph describing your most recent project that reflects your interest in international studies. It may be something you have completed for a class, with your professor as a research assistant, or an independent research project.)

Please respond to the following questions with a minimum of four sentences.

(Be as specific as possible: refer to a region, subject matter, whatever it is that you are actually working on and/or realistically will be getting involved in.)

Summer Plans

Are you planning to do research in this program during the summer? 

Do you plan to change advisers?

Be sure to discuss this with your current adviser and return any materials that belong to that adviser before you leave for summer break.

Study Abroad

Will you be studying abroad next academic year?