“Be Well”
A Survey of Our Community Health & Wellbeing

At the North Lanark Community Health Centre, we are interested in what keeps people in our area healthy and well.  By completing this survey, you are helping us “paint a picture” of how people in our area are doing and how we can plan our services and supports to strengthen community health and well-being.
This survey will take approximately 16 - 20 minutes of your time.                     
Your Participation is Completely Voluntary: You may stop participating, or refuse to answer any question. Your decision on whether or not you participate will not affect the services you receive at this organization.
Your Responses are Confidential: All information you provide (including any personal information) will be kept completely confidential.
If you have any questions, or concerns please contact Kara Symbolic, North Lanark Community Health Centre, Tel: 613-259-2182 x 2302 or email: ksymbolic@nlchc.on.ca.
Thank you for your participation.
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