Specialist Link (Tele-consult): Physician survey

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Reason for call:


Outcome of call:
Were you contemplating a specialist referral before the Tele-Advice?

If yes, what resulted from the referral?

If no, what resulted from the referral?

ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at all

Are you aware of the new Primary Care Pathways advertised on http://www.specialistlink.ca?

ExtremelyVeryModeratelySlightlyNot at allI have not used it yet

Was your patient present when you made the consult with the specialist?

Did you learn something new from the consultation that will help you manage other patients in your practice with similar health issues?

Did you call for advice for general management of your patients who have significant barriers to attend specialty appointments?

If Yes, did the call support your patient with any of the following barrier(s)? (check all that apply)