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Once you register, we will send you an email with payment information. Please note that filling out this form does NOT register you until payment has been submitted and received by the Association for Autistic Community.

The form is not submitted until the "submit" button is pressed at the end of the last page. That means that people who want to explore the registration form can do so before they are ready to register.

This does not need to be your "real" name, but can be a nickname or other name you go by. It probably shouldn't just be a first name (there could be others who have the same first name as you at the conference).

We will be sending out registration information, policies, and payment details. We need an email address we can contact you at. We will not share your email address with anyone.

We will only contact you in emergencies or if we cannot contact you via email.

This name should match the Paypal or check information we receive.

Fee Category

See http://autisticcommunity.org/2014/04/19/2014-conference-fees/ for fee information. We use the answers to this question, the days you will attend, your preference to stay on- or off-site, and whether or not you want meals to compute your fee.

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Any donation will be used to make the conference more sustainable, provide scholarships to people who could otherwise not afford to attend, or otherwise support the work of AAC. We are in the process of obtaining our 503(c) certification from the IRS - we have submitted our application and are waiting on final IRS determination. Your donation, if you can afford it, would be highly appreciated!


Alternate Formats for Written Material & Presentation Slides

Will you be attending with a service animal or ESA?

Please indicate the service animal species and size, if you're bringing a service animal or ESA. Otherwise, leave this question blank.

Please let us know about any accessibility needs you have. You can also contact us at aacc2014@autisticcommunity.org to discuss further.

Are there any other things you would like AACC organizers to know, to minimize difficulties for yourself?