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Employee number consists of the FIRST 3 letters of your LAST NAME followed by the LAST 3 digits of your SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER.


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When did you speak to the store prior to your event?


Tasting time...

* See booking info email sent prior to tasting.

Pre-Authorized excess travel...

*Must be agreed upon prior to accepting assignment with Bevsupport manager.
**$10 flat rate per hour of travel outside of your home zone of 1 hour round trip as determined by Google maps and rounded off to the nearest 15 minute interval. See company policy manual for full details.

Name(s) & title of store or tasting/event manager on duty you dealt with:

Ex. "Mary Smith, Store Manager" or "John Smith, Event Coordinator"

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Did you exceed your $11 per-diem?

*Only if you were require to purchase additional items for a special event **Purchasing items for multiple tastings does not qualify as exceeding $11 per-diem