Brain Shift IQ

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I’m glad you are here, about to embark on an advantageous journey for you. You’ll discover how advantage-makers interact in the world, the yardstick by which they are measured, and how, you deal with high stakes challenges.

We will discuss this, and what you can do to create more advanages in your life on the other side of this 10 question assessment, which should take about 3-5 minutes.

As with most things, put quality in get quality out; put junk in get junk out. The Brain-Shift IQ results will only be as good as the quality of your answers.

Section 1

At work, how often do you demonstrate exceptional skill in high stakes, unfamiliar, pressure situations:

Win the battle in my brain first: In high stakes pressured filled challenges, I first win the battle in my mind; I believe, and act confidently that things will work out rather than worrying, complaining or acting defensive. This exudes a command presence that inspires confidence in others.

Social Rejection: Criticism, or fear that others will think my decisions are foolish or inadequate, makes me more careful in my behavior and take less risks.

Elegant Brain Insights: I am continuously experimenting with different approaches, finding or creating elegant solutions to complex problems...that is, maximum desired effect with the smallest or least effort.

Strategic interaction: I’m strategic. I get the lay of the land quickly and size up the forces at play. The conflicts, the competition, the blind-spots... I recommend strategic interactions that work.

Brain Frames: I effectively frame my arguments to positively influence my audience, whether customers, peers, direct reports and boss.