2017 Secondary Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Survey

Are you male or Female?

What grade are you in?

Are you of Aboriginal Ancestry?

Are you a member of a local First Nations community?

If you are of Aboriginal ancestry do you live:

Are you aware of School District #58's Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement?

Can you list the goals of the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreemtent

Do you like school?

Do you come to school tired?

Do you come to school hungry?

When needed do you have access to healthy food at school? If no, why not?

Are your physically fit?

Do you take part in physical activity while at school besides Physical Education? If no, why not?

Do you participate in extra-curricular activities? If yes give examples, if no, please explain why?

Examples include: sports, clubs, trips, etc...

Do you feel good about yourself?

Do you feel positive about your future?

Do you feel like you are capable of overcoming problems?

Do you have friends that care about you?

Do you participate in unhealthy activities?

NeverSeldomSometimesOftenAll the time

Do you have an adult at school you can go to when you are not feeling good about yourself?

Are you satisfied with the different areas of your health and wellness?

Examples: Physical (Do you feel physically fit?), Mental (Do you feel positive about the present and good about your future?, Emotional/Social (Are you getting along with others and do you have friends?), Spiritual (Do you have purpose in your life?)
Not at all satisfiedSomewhatNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied

Overall, how satisfied are you with your health and wellness?

Not at all SatisfiedVery Satisfied

Do you speak your traditional language, other than English at school?

Do you speak your traditional language, other than English at home?

Do you take Thompson Language classes at school? If no, why not?

Do you participate in local First Nations activities or Aboriginal activities that are offered in school? If no, why not?

Are you learning about local First Nations Culture in your classes

Do you participate in traditional Aboriginal spiritual activities at home or at school?

Examples include but are not limited to: smudges, sweats, fasting, going to the water, brushings, etc...

Do you have Aboriginal role models in your life?

Do you know the members of your extended family?

Do elders play an important role in your life?

Do you or your family hunt or collect traditional Aboriginal foods?

Do you take steps to learn about your own Aboriginal heritage and culture?

Have you experienced discrimination (unfair treatment based on a persons cultural background) at school?