The Future of EMS

Help IAEP / NAGE EMS set the direction for the Future of EMS, a National Political Agenda to move EMS forward!

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In December 2013, the EMS Advisory committee met, consisting of representatives of IAEP/EMS locals all around the nation. The committee’s role is to advise the NAGE national union on matters pertaining directly to EMS, the actions IAEP/EMS locals would like the assistance of the national union to advance our national focused EMS specific interests. For the issue of moving forward on a national political agenda, the IAEP/EMS advisory committee seeks the input IAEP/EMS members. Please take this 5 minute survey and give your input on the IAEP/EMS national political agenda.

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Who Governs EMS Nationally?

Currently within the Federal Government, EMS is controlled by the US Department of Transportation. Within the EMS industry, there are differing views about what the appropriate governing agency or department should be for EMS. What is your preference for which Federal Government agency/department controls EMS at a national level.

The Future Role of EMS

Past efforts at moving EMS from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security have not been successful despite the support of IAEP and other unions around the nation. Opponents to this idea have claimed that EMS is more than just emergency services and instead a combination of emergency services, transportation, and out of hospital healthcare. With the new Health Care Reform law changing healthcare nationwide, issues such as expanded scope of practice and new services being provided to communities are on the horizon. With EMS constantly changing, how do you primarily define the role of EMS?

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