Youth Survey

Thank you for taking 10 minutes to take this survey. There is a lot of good work happening in Maple Ridge to support youth and we want you to have a say. This survey will help inform the Strong Kids Committee, Youth Strategy and Local Action Team who are all working to better support youth and emerging adults in Maple Ridge.

All About You

Please choose which age group describes you:

Please let us know how you identify yourself:

Please tell us which of the following best describes your current situation:

Please tell us which of the following best describes your living situation:

How many hours do you spend each day doing the following things?

Be honest...we won't tell...

All About Maple Ridge

Please tell us if you know about the following services and opportunities in Maple Ridge and how important you think they are.

You should have two answers per row.

YesNoVery ImportantImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important

Getting to Know Your Needs

How important are the following issues for your age group?

Not ImportantImportantVery Important

Choose all of the things you think a youth needs to enter adulthood prepared?

If a Youth Wellness Centre for support with Mental Health and Substance Use was developed in Maple Ridge would you access it?

If yes, choose all the ways you would like to be able to access it:

Would you seek mental health or substance use services on your own?

Who are the people you are most comfortable talking to regarding your health concerns?

Choose as many as you like

Thank you for taking your time with this survey. If you are not filling this out online please return it to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, Greg Moore Youth Centre. Or, contact Meghan at 604-467-7497,