Spiritual Knowledge Quiz - Level 1

Complete this ten question "quiz" about basic knowledge of Christianity and religious beliefs. The indicator for proficiency is a score of 7 out of 10 correct.

1. The authority of the pope in the Roman Catholic Church is based on the following event in the Holy Bible?

2. The purpose of baptism is to

3. Christianity is divided into which of the following religions?

4. One issue that caused the Protestant Reformation in 1517 was:

5. An example of a Protestant church or denomination is:

6. Which of the following is CORRECTLY matched?

7. The teaching of "Justification by Faith" for the forgiveness of sins is BEST explained by which of the following?

8. The Day of Pentecost is important in the Christian religion because

9. Abraham is accepted as the faithful servant of God and the "father of monotheism" by:

10. The difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Holy Bible is: