SU Labs Startup Accelerator – Company Application

About Your Company

Please provide some basic information about your company.

Please note, we are only accepting applications from companies which either have Singularity University alumni on the founding team or are referred through the Singularity University network.

How did you learn about the Singularity University Labs Startup Accelerator?

Are you or any of the founders Singularity University Alumni?

Where is the primary base of operations for your company?

We have companies co-located in our space and in countries around the world. Location is not an exclusion criteria. We just want to know where you're currently based.

Does your company address a "Global Grand Challenge"?

Does your company use exponential technology as part of its product(s)?

Status of your Intellectual Property

Is your organization a for-profit or non-profit entity?

The majority of our companies are for-profit, however we will accept non-profit organizations with sustainable approaches to apply exponential technologies to address problems in one or more Global Grand Challenge areas (defined above).

How much funding has been raised by the organization?

$0<$100k$100k-$1M$1M-$10MDoes Not Apply (Non-Profit)

If revenue is not being generated please input 0. Note: revenue generation is not required for acceptance.

Are any Singularity University Employees, Faculty, or Trustees involved in the company (such as advisors, investors, etc.)?

This is not a requirement of joining SU Labs, nor will it disqualify you from acceptance into the program. Those with Singularity University affiliations are encouraged to consult relevant policy guidelines on these matters.