Getting Started

Congratulations on taking your first steps to joining our team as a Surrogate. We work with Intended Parents that need financial assistance to move forward with Surrogacy. This registration form is what we will show Intended Parents so that they can learn more about you. You can use the Table of Contents at the top of each page to help you quickly navigate around and you can save your answers and return later. If you have any questions along the way you can email Meredith@expectmiraclessurrogacy and we will help you get started.

About You
How many miscarriages have you had?
Have you been a Surrogate before?
How many C-sections have you had?
What is the best time for a Surrogate Coordinator to call you and answer your questions about Surrogacy?
For a transfer, I am open to travel
Do you drive?
Do you own a car?