Towerly is coming soon.

Cities are growing. And that's exciting.

Skylines are dotted with silhouettes of tower cranes. Neighborhoods are forming in areas that haven't seen new residents in decades. And a natural curiosity is growing toward these super-structures big and small that make up our urban cores.

We're building a new web community project for those fascinated by the evolution of city life, architecture, transportation and policy. And the occasional chats about video games, of course, for those interested. But we're for anyone who wants to keep up with the changing dynamics of the nation's biggest metros. People who want to know what's going on... and may end up influencing a little change in their neighborhood.

Towerly’s premise is to share our knowledge, embrace our past, and influence our future. We want to provide a platform for news, opinions, discussions, debate, and - most importantly - facts. By starting as a small community, we can grow into something that really makes a difference.

Our initial launch will cover the metros of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis. This is where our current area of knowledge is. As we grow, we'll recruit helpers to expand all over the country, possibly the world. One hub will exists for construction updates, city and design discussions, public event calendars, project maps, and more. And we're almost there!

Let's watch the skyline grow! I hope you're interested, or else you wouldn't be here. Answering a couple questions below can help us know what the community wants and needs. We'll also let you know when we have more to share. We're in this together, right?