Side by Side Matrix

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The side by side matrix is a component of FluidSurveys’ features which allows our customers to obtain information from their customers when it involves multiple variables. If one of our customers wanted to find out how different cakes rated in their visual appeal and taste, they would use the side by side matrix to propose their question in order to achieve an accurate result. The side by side matrix feature allots different rows and columns to create a comparison for the most decisive survey responses.

The ability to rank the available variables versus their importance in the eyes of a customer is very useful according to the majority of our clientele. As such, Fluid Surveys has taken great care in adding the side by side 3D matrix as one of its feature components. The side by side matrix question is easy to drag and drop into your survey and is conveniently set up so you can decide depending on your participants’ responses which questions they should answer next.

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