Using the Side by Side Matrix (3D Matrix)

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The side by side matrix (3D matrix) is a useful tool for many businesses and individuals surveying their customers with questions that have multiple variables. In order to use the side by side matrix effectively, you must first choose your variables and then the points by which they will be measured (such as, importance and satisfaction). Then your participants will be able to effectively and confidently tell you what areas of your product or services that you can improve on.

Perhaps, you have a telephone repair company and after you finish with a customer you would like to ask them to evaluate the varying aspects of the services they received. For example, for the variables you could input: treatment received over the phone, knowledge of the problem, ability to relay the problem to the customer, and speed with which a complaint was taken care of etc. Then for your points you could have a column for level of satisfaction, importance, speed of service. By breaking down the different variables in this manner, you as the evaluator are then able to see your customers overall happiness with your services. In a case where they are dissatisfied with a part of your service but they find it important you are able to improve.

Watch the video tutorial below to get started!

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