Developing Side-by-Side Matrix Questions

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It is difficult to find an online service that allows you to use a side-by-side matrix within your surveys (that’s why most people use us!). However, this is a much more pressing issue when you have multiple variables in one question and you are unsure of how to put them into your survey. FluidSurveys has simplified this process significantly allowing you to chose your variables and then the points by which your survey participants will measure them.

As an example of how easy FluidSurveys has made the side-by-side matrix would be if your variables were perhaps different types of running shoes. But you wanted to know more than just the favourite brand name, you also wanted the reason behind it (style or perhaps comfort). A matrix question with multiple variables would be extremely useful for you because after your participants answered the questions you would have numerous responses to further develop your own product.

Try out a sample Matrix Question here:

See below for a video explaining how to use the side by side matrix:

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