Multi-Column Matrix

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FluidSurveys has developed its own version of the multi-column matrix called the 3D Matrix. It is very helpful for human resource teams who utilize FluidSurveys to evaluate the needs of their employees. The drag and drop feature allows the function to be of great use to a variety of customers. In the case of Human Resource representatives, using the 3D matrix would be most effective as an evaluation process of their employees needs and wants. For example, when evaluating employees’ benefits packages, human resource teams could ask employees to rate their dental package, prescription coverage and optical coverage in order of importance as well as satisfaction.

The FluidSurvey 3D matrix is a very simple and easy to use feature. Once selecting the 3D matrix, you can make your variables selected by radio buttons or in a drop down menu. Depending on the reason for your survey, either of these options are quite valuable. Fluid Surveys has worked diligently towards providing the best feature to help customers achieve the best results for questions with multiple variables. We know that using FluidSurveys will provide you with the information that you need to improve your own business.

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