Survey Software with the “Side by Side Matrix” Question Type

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FluidSurveys has developed an easy to use method for implementing a side by side matrix as one of its survey features. A side by side matrix within your survey allows you to have your participants choose from a number of variables in order to obtain the most accurate data. This feature is available in either a drop down menu or via radio buttons. The side by side matrix is perfect for conducting gap analysis, which is the difference between one’s performance and the potential for performance. Similarly, it is called a two column matrix (but you can have more than two columns).

An example of how the side by side 3D matrix feature could be useful to you is if you own a flower business. Perhaps, you wanted to know what your customer’s favourite flowers were. If it is their favourite because of their smell or look, and which of those is more important. The side by side matrix feature would be the best method for getting that information.

To see an example video of how this works, check out out the following:

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