Canadian Alternative to Survey Monkey

FluidSurveys is an online questionnaire tool that makes it easy to build online surveys, forms, polls, quizzes and of course, web-based questionnaires, free. Get started in seconds!

FluidSurveys is no longer offering access, signups or payments to its service as of December 15, 2017.

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FluidSurveys is the top choice for Canadian organizations and professionals looking for an alternative to SurveyMonkey to collect and analyze information online. With a focus on simplicity, versatility and ease of use, we make it easy to build, deploy and analyze online surveys, forms and polls. Our goal is to help you make intelligent decisions, and we love doing it!

Proud to be 100% Canadian

We’re Canadian, our developers are Canadian, our support team is Canadian, and all of the servers on which your data resides are Canadian. Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of Canadian government departments, organizations, institutions and professionals, and we’ve learned a thing or two. Our customers are looking for software that’s simple, flexible and secure, and that’s what we’ve built. As Canadians, we’re humbly proud of it!

Safe, Secure & Hosted in Canada

FluidSurveys is compliant with Canadian privacy (all data resides on Canadian servers) and accessibility standards (W3C). Accounts can also include SSL security (like online banks). You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that your data is safe & secure.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

You can build surveys in English, French, and 64 other supported languages. Easy to use translation tools make it quick & simple, and your respondents will be able to respond in the language they’re most comfortable with. Our technical support is also offered in both English and French.

Engage respondents.

Deploy your survey using a variety of means: create a custom URL, send personalized email invitations to contact lists, embed within a website, create pop-ups, generate QR codes or publish via social media. You’ll be able to gain feedback from respondents in a way that suits them.

Powerful analytics and export functionality

Create charts, graphs, tables and cross-tabs with the click of a button while making used of drill down and segmentation capabilities to perform detailed analysis, directly in FluidSurveys. Also, export the data directly to .csv, .doc, .ppt, .pdf and SPSS.

More Great Features

Advanced Feature Set

FluidSurveys offers an advanced feature set allowing you to create even the most elaborate market research surveys and questionnaires. Advanced branching, piping, looping, extraction, randomization, quota management, and more, are easily implemented using a drag and drop interface.

Complete Branding Control

Style your survey to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s identity. Upload logos, modify color schemes, customize URL’s and more. Our Survey Themer can help you create stunning form designs that’ll impress every respondent. And if you’re a web designer, you’ll have full access to your survey’s CSS.

Unmatched Analytics

Create powerful reports of your aggregate data with the click of a button. Generate charts, graphs, tables and cross-tabs to uncover trends and patterns while having the ability to segment the responses or drill down for specific data.

Multi-Mode Data Collection

Collect responses in real time with ease. Distribute your surveys using web links, pop-ups, mobile devices, tablets, social media, email, and more. Plus, access a built in respondent panel to gather all the data you need.