Contraception Access Research Team -
Groupe de recherche sur l’accessibilité à la contraception


CART-GRAC is an organization of members who share not only in the aim and goals, but also in the values, the “CART-Heart” or “Cœur de GRAC”:
CART-GRAC is a network that aims to support women to time and space their pregnancies. Through research and evidence-based advocacy CART-GRAC works to increase equitable access to high quality family planning knowledge, services, and methods. CART-GRAC connects collaborators, fosters the sharing of ideas, and supports new interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations with a potential for health policy/healthcare change toward the organization aim. CART-GRAC as an organization maintains independence from industry sponsored research.
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Membership in two categories (Full Member and Trainee Member) is available and requires references from two Full Members in good standing. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Chair and/or a committee of her choosing; information about nominated applicants is then circulated to all Full members in good standing for review. Membership is approved for two years, and renewable upon application.

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