Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone: Measuring Impact

Vancouver Island is emerging as a centre for social innovation. Research supporting the creation of a Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone (VISIZ) revealed over 140 mapped social innovations and enterprises on the island. This indicates the opportunity to scale our capacity for social innovation by more purposefully connecting post-secondary teaching, research and networking opportunities to communities and organizations islandwide to advance agendas such as affordable housing, food security, sustainable energy and others.

The overarching strategic goals of VISIZ are:
  1. To Generate, Incubate, Accelerate and Scale Social Innovation, Social Enterprise & Social Finance;
  2. To be a leader in community engaged educational experiences on social innovation, social enterprise and social finance;
  3. To strengthen and support Vancouver-Island research that connects students and researchers to communities; and
  4. ​Build a strong eco-system for impact business and social enterprise on Vancouver Island
Since its creation in 2015, VISIZ has produced key research pieces including (1) VISIZ assets and gaps report, and 2) VISIZ Social Innovation Framework, that helps to advance our understanding of Social Innovation, Social Enterprise and Social Finance on Vancouver Island.  VISIZ has also hosted numerous public engagement events and community consultations, finalized a collective strategic plan (2016-2019) and launched a new social innovation cohort of students and Social Innovation organziations.

We want to assess the reach of this work and better understand the impact, if any, of this first year of the initiative.  To help us think about this work and the potential of VISIZ in moving forward, we ask you to please respond to the short survey (10 minutes) and provide a brief description where possible.

Please have a look at the VISIZ Strategic Plan 2016-2019.
For questions about this survey please contact Crystal Tremblay;, from the Office of Community University Engagement at the University of Victoria.

This is to state that you agree to participate in this survey conducted by the Vancouver Island Social Inovation Zone and the Univeristy of Victoria's Office of Community University Engagement.  Your participation in this research is voluntary. You are free to remain anonymous if you choose. If you do decide to participate, you may withdraw at any time without any consequences or any explanation. By completing and submitting the questionnaire, your free and informed consent is implied and indicates that you understand the above conditions of participation in this study.

1. Identification

2. Please indicate your affiliation

3. Which of the following VISIZ events have you attended? (check all that apply)

4. If and where applicable, please describe the most valuable outcome as a result of your engagement with VISIZ?

A common approach to assessment is to identify outputs and outcomes, which may eventually lead to impact. Impact is the effect of a program at a broader level, in the longer term, after a range of outcomes has been achieved. This can be captured at the individual level (e.g changed behaviour, attitudes, knowledge or understanding); at the comunity level (e.g changes to a project, new collaborations or ideas) or the systems-change level (e.g. this usually takes years, but could take the form of changes to policy, structures or to national/provincial agendas).

5. Please rate the following as an outcome of your engagement with VISIZ:

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNon Applicable

We thank you for your feedback and support of the Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone.