Arthritis in the Kitchen

My name is Daniel Overton. I am currently in my final year of BA (hons) Product Design at DeMontfort University. For my project I am looking at areas of the kitchen that are affected by arthritis. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take two minutes of your time to fill out this questionniare and leave any feedback about the questionnaire or arthritis. If you would like to contact me, please email me at overton.family@hotmail.co.uk, thank you.

1: Are you male or female

2: How old are you?

3: When were you diagnosed with arthritis?

4: What form of Arthritis do you have?

5: What is affected by your arthritis?

One or more answers

6: Which activities do you find the most difficult?

One or more answers

8: Which activities take the most time?

One or more answers

10: Which is the most srenuous?

One or more answers

11: Do you struggle carrying plates?

12: Do you have any specialised products to help aid you in the kitchen?

14: Do you struggle to cut your food?

15: Which do you use most often?

One or more answers

16: Which is the most difficult to use?

17: Does your disability limit what food you eat?

19: What do you enjoy doing in the kitchen?

One or more answers