Wedding Information

What are the bride and groom's names?

Please list the email and phone number that you would like to be contacted by.

ex. 12:30PM-9:30PM

What are the times for the following events?

Where are the following events?

Description & address required. ex. Bridal Mansion | 213 Sunset Ave. Horsham PA 19044

What package have you chosen?

Package 1Package 2Package 3Package 4

ex. No parent album needed.

(To send invoices, USB's and albums)

Are you a detail-oriented bride/groom? I love to photograph details!

Do you plan on having unique details that you will need photographed? Invitations, ring boxes, shoes, serving trays, ect.

Are you more into "Posed Imagery" or "Candid Lifestyle"

I will do a bit of both but I love having a background knowledge of my couples' preferences.

ex. 13 total (6 Bridesmaids 7 Groomsmen) Feel free to list names if interested.

What are the names of the parents attending the wedding?

For photos, which poses of these photos would you like taken on your wedding day?

Please check as many as you want!

Are there any other special photos/moments that you must have?

What traditions will you have at your wedding?

It is customary to provide meals to the photographer and anyone under her employ. Usually 2 or 3 total. Please acknowledge that you understand this and will provide a meal for the photographer(s).