Current Recruiting Practices - Survey

Welcome to the survey on current recruiting practices from the University of Saskatchewan!


Consent Form

This consent form is required as part of the University of Saskatchewan’s research ethics guidelines – this is an important part of the process of informed consent. The information on this page should give you the basic idea of what the survey is about and what your participation will involve.

Purpose & Procedure: The purpose of this online survey is to assess some of the current recruiting practices being used in our local industry and amongst the organizations who attend our career fairs. Your participation will involve responding to statements regarding your organization’s recruitment practices, such as use of advertisements, campus visits, and corporate social responsibility, etc. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions, and we ask you to be as honest as possible. In total, this session will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
Potential Benefits: As a participant, you will be able to receive a detailed report that will provide practical information about recruitment trends and best practices. Along with the final report that you can receive, the findings of this study will be used for research articles and conference presentations, and may also help to improve future career fairs.
Potential Risks: There are no anticipated risks to participating in this survey.
Storage of Data: All information and data from this study will be stored on a secure server, housed within the University of Saskatchewan and accessible only by the researcher. This online survey is hosted on Fluidsurveys, which is approved and securely managed by the Edwards School of Business.The results of this study will be presented in aggregate form, including your demographic and company data, which means that no individual results will be identified.
Confidentiality: All of the information you provide in this study will be kept confidential. At no time will anyone (such as your coworkers or supervisor) be informed about whether you do or do not take part. Your participation is voluntary, and you can answer only these questions that you are comfortable with. The survey is anonymous, so after the survey is submitted it is not possible to withdraw your data.
Questions: If you have any questions concerning this research project, please feel free to contact the researcher at the number provided. This research project has been approved on ethical grounds by the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board. Any questions regarding your rights as a participant may be addressed to that committee through the Research Ethics Office ethics.office@usask.ca  (306) 966-2975. Out of town participants may call toll free (866) 966-2975.

Your Consent: I have read and understood the description provided. I consent to participate in the survey, understanding that I may withdraw my consent at any time. In continuing with this online survey, I am indicating that I fully understand all of the conditions described above. I understand my rights as a research participant and I agree to participate in the survey.