2012-2013 influenza season - feedback

What sector of the health system do you work in?

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From your perspective, did this year’s influenza season impact the health system and/or health of Ontarians differently than in the past few influenza seasons?

If Yes, from your perspective in what ways was this influenza season different than past seasons?

Many organizations implemented extraordinary or additional measures this influenza season to meet the needs of patients/ clients/ residents. If your organization implemented extraordinary measures please identify the type(s) of measure used

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If your organization did implement extraordinary or additional measures, what was/ were the triggers for these actions?


The ministry provides information about influenza for health workers on its website. Did you visit this website?

If Yes, what information was most useful?
If No,
What information should the ministry provide on its influenza webpage for health providers?

From your perspective, what was the most challenging aspect of your organization’s response to this year’s influenza season?

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The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is leading a process to develop the Ontario Influenza Response Plan (OIRP), a plan that will outline roles and responsibilities of Ontario’s health system in responding to both seasonal and pandemic influenza. As the ministry starts to plan for the 2013/2014 influenza season, what are the top three planning priorities that need to be addressed at each level of the health system