Fraserhealth.ca Feedback Survey

The Fraserhealth.ca Feedback Survey - Consent for Collection, Use and Storage of Participant Information

As clients of Fraser Health, you have been invited to participate in an online survey to be entered online administered by Communications and Public Affairs department.

Your personal information collected by Fraser Health is subject to protections under the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). To participate in this initiative as a survey respondent, you are being asked to consent to enter the following information for use by Fraser Health:
  • Personal views/opinions as expressed in the survey in the open ended questions. These views and opinions are considered personal information.
  • Age range and gender
Access to the entered information is limited to Fraser Health Communication and Public Affairs employee (survey administrator): Lisa Thibault, Wendy Young and Nancy Chan.

The survey administrator will maintain the survey, and run reports based on the survey results. The survey will be posted on the Fraser Health website for participants to volunteer their feedback. The data will be collected and stored through FluidSurvey. The reports and analysis will be used to evaluate the current website to inform and improve the development of the future website. The information reviewed may also contain personal information, such as opinions and views as noted above. At no point in time will your information be disclosed.

As a participant in this survey, the information you choose to provide will be stored by Fluid Surveys.

Upon the completion of the Fraserhealth.ca Feedback Survey, your information will be removed from the Fluid Survey database.

Participation in the Fraserhealth.ca feedback survey is voluntary. There will be no consequences to you if you choose not to participate. You may withdraw from this survey at any time by submitting a written request to webupdates@fraserhealth.ca and in doing so your personal information will be deleted.

Questions about your information and this survey initiative may be directed to the Survey Administrator: webupdates@fraserhealth.ca

I have read and understand the Consent for Collection, Storage and Use of Participant Information.

I voluntarily consent to Fraser Health collecting, using and disclosing the information I provide as a participant in this survey.