Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey about Snack Buds, a new product that is available at select retailers in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as some limited availability in surrounding states. Your feedback is important to us and helps to provide you with better products and services. Your answers will be kept completely anonymous and will not be shared for marketing purposes.

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You will receive a coupon upon completion of the survey. Please note that the coupon is only valid where Snack Buds are sold.

Have you purchased Buddig Snack Buds?

When purchasing a new product, please rank the following factors in order of importance.

(1 is most important - 8 is least important)

Looking at the Snack Buds packaging, please rate the following:

  • Appearance
  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Looks like Buddig
  • Would make me buy

Who do you believe the Snack Buds products are for?

(Check all that apply)

How did your household primarily use Snack Buds?

(Check all that apply)