Gillies Bay Water Service Community Engagement Survey

Do you currently reside within the Gillies Bay Improvement District service area?

Are you currently an owner of property within the Gillies Bay Improvement District?

Do you have a water connection servicing your home?

How long have you been a rate-payer in the Gillies Bay Improvement District/GBID?

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In the past year, I have attended

I would attend more meetings if (check all that apply):

The best time to hold public meetings is (check any that apply):

Would you consider volunteering as a Trustee for the GBID?

The GBID currently meets quarterly. I would like to see the GBID meet

The best way to share information with rate-payers is:

The GBID is dedicated to engaging our rate-payers and members of our community. Do you value the information we are sharing, and the methods we are using to reach you?