Metro Vancouver Small and Medium Food Retailer
Food Waste Management Survey

In 2015, all compostable organic waste will be banned from disposal in Metro Vancouver in an effort to reduce waste and become a more sustainable region. This includes food waste and food-soiled paper from the food retail sector. This means that every business and residence will need to have a system in place to keep food waste out of the garbage.

Metro Vancouver is currently seeking input from small to medium sized food retailers to better understand your current waste practices, the waste you produce, and challenges with diverting food waste. Your input will assist us in developing programs and tools to help you prepare for the upcoming disposal ban.

In addition to this brief survey, we are looking for a number of businesses to help us develop these programs and tools. Participation takes about an hour of your time to host a visit to your store by a team of waste specialists. The team will assess your current practices, identify barriers and benefits to diverting food waste, and make recommendations to help you prepare for the ban. As a result of the visit, you may find you reduce your waste, and even save money! We will then draft tools and programs based on your feedback and ask you for a brief review to make sure we are on the right track.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please provide your contact details at the end of this survey.  


1. Are you aware of the upcoming ban on food waste in the garbage?
If yes, what are you planning to do with your food waste once the ban is in place in 2015? (Check all that apply)

Current Practices

2. What kinds of food waste does your store make? Please check all that apply and indicate (in %) approximately how much of your waste is in each type.
3. Does your business have the option to make its own arrangements for waste management services or is it compelled to use the services provided by the property management company?
4. Where do you typically get information on:
5. How do you currently dispose of your food waste? Please provide additional information about current practices.


6. If you do not have separate collection, onsite composting or make donations, why not? Please check all that apply.
Too expensiveNo room indoorsNo room outdoorsDon't know how to startToo smellyTried previously, experienced problemsWorried about pestsNo time for staff to sortOur garbage hauler doesn't offer this service
Other barriers (please indicate if these are for food waste collection, onsite collection or food donation):


7. What kind of store do you operate?
8. Where in Metro Vancouver are you located?
9. Do you or your store identify with any of the following ethnicities?

Sign up for waste audit

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete our survey. This information will be very helpful for improving our understanding of food waste generation and handling by small food retailers in the region.

If you would be interested in a visit by our waste specialists, please provide your contact information below. This would involve us coming to your location and performing a free audit of your current practices as well as a brief follow-up review of the tools and programs we develop from our consultation with food businesses. The total time committment will be less than 3 hours.