Member Pledge

All noteworthy community members that wish to be recognized or take part in House Sanguine activities are asked to make this pledge.

(This is for safety, security, & structure)

Membership is mostly comprised of active members of the BDSM/ Power Exchange Community in Phoenix, AZ. and/or with a specific invitation to take this pledge.
We are a Pansexual Members Club (P-MC) creating a "safe space" to express play as you may. Y.K.I.O.K.

Pledges will be reviewed, and if found satisfactory you will be contacted by a Core Member in order to complete Membership.

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The Tenets are commitments made to ones-self, not to another.
The Pledge is a declaration of those self-imposed ethics.
In this we are united.


Bridge Keeper asks;



What is your intention in filling out this form?

Level of experience with BDSM/ Power Exchange?

Please use the slider to indicate your approximate level of practical hands-on as well as fundamental experience and knowledge of this community.



Please name and give links to profile pages of friends or partners that know you and can attest you are trustworthy and considerate.
Please also link to said individuals accounts or pages (such as facebook or fetlife accounts).

Although optional, the more information provided the better your chances of being accepted as a Member of House Sanguine.

House Sanguine Tenents

In your own words, please briefly describe each House Sanguine Tenet. (Found on our website)


I attest that I am a consenting adult (legally over the age of 18 years), and I hereby make The Pledge and agree to drink the koolaid. This exhibits that I have a basic understanding of not only general power exchange community etiquette, but also that expected by House Sanguine Members. I acknowledge that taking this pledge does NOT guarantee my consideration, place of membership, or denote any formal obligation whatsoever. This is because all pledges must first be approved and responded to by a Core Member to become official. I also acknowledge that if I have any questions or concerns about anything related to the general House Sanguine Community or another member, I will take it up directly with the individual and/or a Core Member immediately to avoid any unnecessary blow-back. I attest that I have an interest in partaking in or witnessing activities of an adult nature, and If necessary I will honor the expectation to "own my own emotions & actions" and remove myself from any discomfort if necessary.

I acknowledge that any direct relation with House Sanguine is a privilege and honor, NOT a right and I will conduct myself accordingly.

Lastly I acknowledge that House Sanguine respects my privacy (and does not sell or disclose any information related to their members within all reason), and I am expected to respect other member's privacy at all times.

By checking "Yes" and entering the date & time I hereby make my Pledge for consideration official to House Sanguine.

(Press "Record Now" for date and time, then "Submit")