RTK Network Survey

Welcome to the RTK Network Survey

I’m trying to find out how many RTK Networks are available to farmers. If you are able to spend a few minutes completing the survey I’d be very grateful. If you want to find out more about me please click http://www.ianbj.co.uk

I will present the results to the media, but if you want your own copy please follow me via Twitter or leave your email address and I will notify you of the results.

Many thanks

Ian Beecher-Jones

1) Your details

The basic information about you please

3) Now about the network

4) And a little more......

5) Ownership

FarmersMachinery dealerCo-operativeTechnology provider

6) Subscriptions

How much does it cost to use the network? What is the cost per receiver

7) Multiple Units

Is there a discount for multiple units?

8) GNSS Signals

Which signals are used on the network

9) Contact

Are you happy for me to contact you again?
Thank for completing the survey. I will send you the results via Twitter as soon as I have them available.
Many thanks
Ian Beecher-Jones