Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers
Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) selects skilled workers who want to join the growing number of people from many countries around the world who are making Manitoba their new home.

Applications are accepted from educated and experienced skilled workers with job-ready English who have the intention and ability to settle in Manitoba and establish their work and family life as permanent residents of the province.

Being nominated by Manitoba means you can apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa for yourself and your family with expedited processing.

Manitoba is a province built by generations of immigrants who have been warmly welcomed into our cities, towns and workplaces as integral and contributing members of the community. Immigration sustains the success of Manitoba. For this reason, the MPNP will help you as you prepare to move and make a successful employment plan. But you need a starting point: a connection to Manitoba. Social ties, formed through work, school or family, form the foundation for a new and happy life for you and your family. This short, interactive questionnaire will help you determine whether you have the qualities that make for successful immigration to Manitoba through the MPNP.

The information in the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool is for reference only and no immigration decision will be made based on your answers. If you choose to apply, your application will be considered by an assessment officer in accordance with the terms of the MPNP published on our website when your application is received without regard to any outcome you attain through this questionnaire.

I am an educated and experienced skilled worker with job-ready English who wants to settle in Manitoba and establish my work and family life in the province as a permanent resident.