Design Requirements

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Domain Name

Have you registered a domain name, like : or etc ?

Hosting - Web Site

We suggest and only handle high quality, fast, reliable and fully managed and supported wordpress. The increased prices for extra visitors is a good problem to have, and we need to charge extra to maintain excellent response. Hosting prices begin at around $35 a month, depending on site size, complexity, software required and visitors.

Design and Development - Web Site Size

Who will update the site and how often ?

Yes, this matrix could be better but we are just trying to get an idea what you can and cannot do, so have a guess and if you click a button by mistake click it again to deselect.


Web Site Layout and Design


Other Design work

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Yes pleaseI already have this covered


AT Izu IO we take huge pride in our work, and we use only the best hosting services. However we need you to agree that you will not try to hold us responsible for loss of business or other damages should we both be unlucky to suffer from either system outages or legal issues with the content. A system outage may be caused by a hardware fault, which is difficult to find and rectify on the hosting service or a Denial of Service Attack by evil people. The hosting services we use have stella records in dealing with these things. Also, you may inadvertently post copyright or illegal content, and we cannot be responsible for any of the consequences of that, and we may be forced to take the site offline should some legal issue arise. So as much as we hate to ask this … Do you agree ?